Candidate matching

Finding enough candidates for a job opening can be challenging 

It can be difficult to identify and attract a sufficient number of candidates for a job opening. One reason is lack of visibility or difficulty in finding the job posting. Another reason is difficulty in finding candidates with the necessary qualifications or skills. Competition from other companies or organisations, location, and salary or benefits can also be factors. Additionally, company reputation can affect the number of candidates applying for the job.

WorkFlowControlCenter/Matching Solution matches your

open positions with hundreds of candidates looking to change

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We match your jobs to our candidate database

Our candidate matching system is the best because it utilises a large database of active job seekers, which increases the chances of finding the perfect match for your job opening. The database is primarily tech-focused and uses latest applicants, which ensures that it is efficient and accurate. Additionally, our candidate matching system can save hours of searching and sifting through resumes, as it uses algorithms to quickly identify the most qualified candidates based on the job requirements. 

Automated Candidate
reach out 

Automated candidate outreach, such as email, messaging, and phone calls, can be a highly effective way to generate interest in a job opening. It allows for quick and efficient communication with a large number of candidates, and can be personalized to make the message more relevant and appealing. Automated outreach also ensures consistency in the recruitment process and frees up time and effort for the recruitment team to focus on other tasks.

AI generated Online Testing 

Our AI-generated online testing can be a very useful tool for organisations in terms of coverage and time saving. These tests can cover a wide range of skills and knowledge areas, allowing organisations to assess a broad range of candidates. These tests are administered online, which means that candidates can take the test from anywhere at any time. This makes the testing process more convenient and flexible for both the organisation and the candidate.

AI-generated tests can save time by automating the test creation and scoring process. This can allow organisations to quickly and efficiently assess a large number of candidates. 

More qualitative Interviews 

Allow organizations to get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s skills, experience, and personality. This can help to identify the best fit for the job and the company culture.

Also they provide an opportunity for candidates to ask questions and learn more about the job and the organization. This can help to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of the role and the expectations, which can lead to a better fit and a more positive employment experience.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation,

our platform can accommodate your hiring needs

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